IANDS International

We're here to shine a light on NDEs and spiritually transformative experiences through personal narratives and scientific research.

We facilitate and moderate sharing circles for experiencers and their loved ones, bridging the gap between personal stories and medical-scientific backing.

It all begins with awareness and conversations that educate the wider community about these profound experiences.


Sound Health Portal ~ FREE VOICE ANALYSIS

Voice samples provide bio-acoustic information for better health support


Are you an EMPATH?

By: Anita Moorjani



Stress reduction, emotional regulation and heart-centered coherence techniques.


Innovation Women

Innovation Women is a “visibility bureau”, shining a spotlight on professional women. They
help connect event managers to awesome speakers and experts who just happen to be women. No more “token woman”. Our goal is gender-balanced panels and equal visibility opportunities for women.


Lambdoma Healing Sounds and Music

"Self-Healing with Lambdoma Harmonic Keyboard Sounds."


ACISTE.ORG (American Center For The Integration Of Spiritually Transformative Experiences)

Was established in 2009 to support people who have spiritually transformative experiences (STEs). We welcome experiencers of diverse backgrounds and beliefs and address a wide variety of STEs.


Spiritual Awakenings International

Spiritual Awakenings International is multi-faith, multi-cultural, non-aligned, and is open to anyone peacefully seeking a higher understanding. We promote respectful and supportive dialogue of diverse views and perspectives on STEs.